LED Jargon Buster Part 1 – Definitions


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With LED light sources and fittings lasting longer than ever before, it is important to consider carefully the best LED lights for the home and ultimately plan the lighting design from the start.

To help you get the most from buying LEDs, we have compiled an LED Jargon Buster booklet to demystify some of the key elements required when selecting the best LEDs for the home.


Light Emitting Diodes are miniature light sources offering increased efficiency, longer lifetime and virtually no infra-red or UV emissions, by using semi-conductor technology.

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A measure in degrees Kelvin of white light. Warm white colours are the ideal for residential applications. This can vary between 2200K and 3200K. We recommend using products at 2700K.



CRI (Colour Rendering Index) is an indication of how accurate a “given” light source is at rendering colour when compared to daylight on a scale of 0-100. The higher the CRI, the better the colour rendering ability. Good is between 80-90, superior 90+.

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White LEDs vary in colour so to achieve colour consistency good LEDs are precisely selected or binned.

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Watts – Watts is the measure of energy consumed – W

Lumens –Lumens is a measurement of light output – Lm

Efficiency – Efficiency is the number of lumens generated for each Watt of energy consumed – Lm/W



LED fittings need quality drivers to provide a constant power to them. Compatibility of quality LED fittings, drivers and controls will ensure flicker free dimming. Speak to an expert at John Cullen Lighting to achieve problem free dimming.

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It is a myth that LEDs do not produce heat. LEDs need quality thermal management to dissipate heat in order to maintain colour consistency, lumen output and expected lamp life.

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NARROW – Can be used to uplight pillars, arches, doors and fireplaces or for pinspotting the centre of coffee and dining room tables.

led lighting;narrow beam led

MEDIUM – Can be used to light small and medium sized artwork, cabinets, cupboards or for a wider wash to a coffee table.

medium beam width; led lighting

WIDE – Can be used to wash light on curtains, kitchen units, larger pieces of art or for general light.

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